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As a corporate you are aware of the immense potential of pricing; it is a strategic topic within the company. It receives sufficient attention from the board and the organization is structured for success by having resources dedicated to pricing analysis and strategy development. However, at times extra support can be used to accelerate improvements and speed up the enjoyment of the returns.

Surpricing adds value by:

  • Supporting the project-based generation of actionable pricing strategies
  • Securing optimal application of pricing best practices and frameworks
  • Facilitating structural stakeholder alignment through pricing committees
  • Keeping internal capabilities up-to-par by training and inspiration from other companies and industries

Expected impact: Typically, 2-5% points in profit enhancement by applying best-in-class pricing capabilities.


As an SME you are aware of the immense potential of pricing. However, as a lean organization, you lack the possibility to drive this potential forward to make it a competitive advantage.

Surpricing adds value by:

  • Developing a strategic pricing agenda with prioritized actions
  • Driving structural pricing improvements in a pragmatic manner
  • Delivering financially substantiated solution directions (e.g. business case, impact analysis)
  • Providing education and guidance on pricing topics and optimal organizational set-ups

Expected impact: Typically, 3-7% points in profit enhancement by applying best-in-class pricing capabilities and having pricing as a competitive advantage.

Start-ups & Scale-ups

As a start-up or scale-up, you are aware of the immense potential of pricing to drive profitable growth. However, building a product around the price is new for you: you may or may not have successfully sold your product extensively, but worry about the optimal monetisation strategy to fuel further revenue and profit growth. In addition, you struggle to kick-start pricing in the midst of a seamlessly limitless list of other topics that seem relevant to tackle – right now.

Surpricing adds value by:

  • Developing an optimal commercial strategy to fuel customer acquisition, monetisation, and retention
  • Creating an overview of pricing opportunities, prioritising them and providing input on the solution directions to kick-off the pricing journey (e.g. pricing boost)
  • Stimulating growth by successful monetisation of value delivery
  • Inspire on pricing topics, and secure buy-in with relevant stakeholders

Expected impact: A path towards profitable growth, instead of growth at all costs.


As an investor you are aware of the immense potential of pricing; it is regarded as a strategic improvement topic. Similar to other expertise domains, you want to enable your portfolio companies to further enhance structural pricing improvements.

Surpricing adds value by:

  • Creating appetite and driving structural pricing improvements case driven
  • Delivering financially substantiated solution directions (e.g. business cases, impact analysis)
  • Working hand-in-hand with your portfolio companies, while inspiring and educating them on pricing topics

Expected impact: Increased valuation of portfolio companies through growth and profitability enhancements.


As a partner – e.g. software vendor, consulting firm, … – you regularly get pricing related project requests from your clients. As a result, you are looking for pricing expertise for either expert injection, or full project delivery, as an alternative solution for interim positions.

Surpricing adds value by:

  • Delivering project-based pricing expertise to your clients
  • Providing access to scarce pricing professionals with relevant sector knowledge
  • Supporting proposal phase to increase conversion chances of project

Expected impact: Support for your customers with best-in-class pricing expertise.

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