Value-based sales approach development

Client: Business services provider

Topic: Sales Excellence

Our client offers quality assurance services to different companies across its global value chain. With their scientific background and extensive network, the client is able to offer value to individual companies striving to improve the quality of the products concerned.

After initial conversations with our client, it became clear that they had ample ideas on how to add value to their market. However, the pricing was mainly done based on costing, and the sales approach was very much focussed on technical elements: their comfort zone. As a result, existing customers were at stake, and new value was difficult to monetise.

To change this, we supported the client with the development of a value-based pitch deck for a major client at stake. Instead of focusing on technical details and the sharing of data, the message was about the value for their customer. In addition to the current value delivery, it unveiled the future value potential from a customer perspective. To reinforce the message, the value was quantified and directed towards the key strategic initiatives of the customer. As a result, the contract at stake was not only retained, but there was an appetite from the customer to intensify the cooperation going forward.

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